On Film & TV watching


I’m sure if you’re like me, you’ve had the following conversation before, whether you’re the person asking the question or answering it:

“Have you seen {insert film/tv series title here}?”
“Ahh no I haven’t”
“Oomygoodness, I can’t believe you have seen {insert film/tv series title here}, how have you been able to go through life having missed {insert film/tv series title here}, you’re missing out, it’s such a classic!”

I’m the one who hasn’t seen that classic film. It’s likely that whatever classic film you mention, It’s more likely than not that I haven’t seen it, this also goes for most of the popular television series too. (No, I haven’t seen any of Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones! Shock horror!) Every time I have the above conversation, I feel a little bit of a failure, I’ve missed out on something somewhere and I’ve been wondering what happened here.

Before I go on, a brief history of my life and film/television watching: I am the oldest sibling of two in my family, my sister was born when I was 4 and a half and up until that time, I think all I watched was Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, Fireman Sam and Thomas the Tank Engine. I wanted to be a fire lady like Fireman Sam when I grew up until I realised that that involved a lot of fire, at that point I was out! I was petrified of fire!

When my sister was old enough to understand TV, all we watched was Barney the Dinosaur all day everyday, I know every song and most of the stories off by heart, it’s embarrassing I know! My sister was more of a TV watcher than I, she would watch Barney most of the day quite happily but I’d play with my dolly called Jamie, I’d spend a lot of time drawing and I’d turn our bedroom into a school room and teach all my teddies how to count.

Soon after my sister was born, my Mum became a childminder and our house would be filled with children a lot younger than me, they’d play their games, I’d also try to teach them in my school room of a bedroom but most of the time I’d draw. I think I learned how to entertain myself without having to watch TV or films. There definitely wasn’t any computer games around at that time, certainly no iPads or Netflix! It’s hard to believe that now and makes me feel quite old.

I digress. As I grew up, a lot of my time was used up with, first of all, School, like everyone. Then after school I was either going to Dancing School or Brownies or drawing or doing homework. When we did watch TV, my Sister, although she was the youngest, would have control over the TV remote and anything I wanted to watch as a teenager wouldn’t be suitable for her, this is weird to think of now as there isn’t too much of an age gap, I guess when I was turning 13, she was still 8, so it is a big age gap when you’re that age.

Even if I did have control of the TV remote, I wasn’t really that interested in TV or films. I much preferred doing other things. Especially when it came to films, sitting down for approx 2.5 hours just watching a screen seemed pointless. I could be doing so many other fun things! Maybe I just have a short attention span but I just see it as a waste of time. I guess all of this has worked in my favour, because whilst I wasn’t watching TV and films, I spent my time drawing, making little books with paper, I even created a magazine for mine and my sister’s “club.” The magazine was only one issue and the little books never got filled but look at where it has got me now. I’m a graphic designer by day and dream of creating my own stationery line by night.

It’s funny how things work out.

I am however aware that I have missed out on watching a lot of classic films that it seems everyone my age has magically watched and I feel so uneducated. I’ve started writing a list of the films that I haven’t seen and will tick them off as I watch them. I cheat a little and if I watch a film that I’ve never seen and isn’t on the list, it still goes on the list and gets a tick straight away. It’s just a bit of fun really.

Are you like me in missing out on a big part of growing up by following what you truly enjoy? Do you have any suggestions for my list? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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She’s Back


I’m so pleased to update that my laptop has now been fixed. I really had lost all hope of ever switching it on again but an IT guy at work took a look at it, and after much trial and error, managed to fix it! I can’t even describe how happy I was. I don’t like to take anything for granted or place too high a value on material possessions but I really didn’t expect my laptop, something I use everyday, to break and not switch on! I’m just so relieved it didn’t cost me hundreds or thousands to fix!


In other news, I was awoken early on Saturday morning by the Amazon delivery man, with a parcel for me! It was the long awaited “I am a Witch’s Cat” book by Harriet Muncaster, the book was only released on Tuesday and I ordered it soon after. I am a little biased because Harriet is one of my best friends (I was her bridesmaid just over a month ago) but I knew how much work had gone into this book and it has been such a fun project to watch. The story is so clever with a fun twist at the end, it’s lovely. Even if I am slightly biased, I highly recommend it if you have children or if you’re like me and have a growing collection of children’s books just to look at the pictures.

If you still want more info, Harriet has been running a small “making of” series on her blog so that you can see what goes into making one of these books and Kirkus have written a great review of the story.

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Poorly Laptop

http://ift.tt/1A2QvlL via Instagram

This was my view last night, I switched my laptop on to make my biggest amazon purchase ever and had been planning for a while and wait a sec, there’s a loading bar that gets half way and then my laptop switches itself off. I then spent the rest of the evening, trying and trying again. Googling on my iPad, asking friends, asking google again. It really stressed me out because all the answers and tests were telling me that the hard drive was broken and needed replacing. Cue even more panicking and a few tears. I’ve only had my laptop 3 years, it’s not very old at all and I look after it well. She even has a name, Eve, as in Eve from Wall-E.

Today, I called the Apple Support line and they were ever so helpful and confirmed my suspicions that someone had to look at it and possibly repair it. I’ve now left it with the IT support guy at work over night, he’s running some sort of repair on the hard drive, and if all else fails, I’ll take it to the Genius Bar when I can get an appointment.

So, until I can get it fixed, I’ll be blogging from my iPad where I can and hopefully it won’t last too long. I’m so lucky that I have my iPad to be able to do this and as I said, hopefully it won’t be for too long but I look forward to using my sketchbook a bit more. It’s ironic that I now feel inspired to work on my website and on my blog now that I can’t, I’ll just have to channel that inspiration into more off screen ventures!

Tonight is for… #2

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Last night was full of lightning, thunder, wind, rain and heat, I hardly slept a wink! This was my beautiful view on the way to the train station this morning, it almost made up for the terrible nights sleep!

Tonight is for celebrating two birthdays, Tomorrow is for holiday planning with 7 other people as we plan the biggest holiday I’ve ever been on and Sunday is for meeting up with my fellow bridesmaids from the wedding for lunch. I’m excited for the weekend, hopefully I’ll have some time to squeeze in some work on a few projects too.

What do you have planned?

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Right Now #9

http://ift.tt/1zzgzoj via Instagram

I’ve had such a productive weekend, relaxing, getting things done and making homely improvements to our little house, it really is starting to look like home.

A friend of mine challenged me to a positive things challenge on Facebook. The idea is to list 3 positive things that have happened each day for a week. It is quite a challenge, I would say that I’m quite a positive person but are the things that I choose positive enough? are they boring? how do I choose just 3 things?

I bought some brush pens, which arrived on Saturday and I spent some time trying them out last night. Hand drawn brush type is definitely harder than it looks, I look forward to practicing over the next couple of weeks.

Now that we’re mostly settled into our new house, I’m finding a little more time to draw, blog, write etc. So, I hope to post a little more creative work on here rather than just my ramblings on life, although that’s good too!

I also felt really clever last night because I managed to install a new section to this blog, it isn’t live just yet but you can be sure I’ll announce it here when it is. It will be a separate portfolio site for all of my creative work, it’s about time I updated it all.

Congratulations to Germany on winning the World Cup, I’m a little bit glad it’s all over as I don’t really enjoy football and we can now all go to sleep at a decent time!

I’m now looking forward to the week ahead, I’m inspired to get to work on all the creative projects I have in mind. Right now though, I need to sleep to be ready for it all. I hope you have a productive week!

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Weekend Reading #17


Hello and a Happy Saturday to you! A bit later in the day today as I’ve been running around like a crazy lady cleaning my little house. It didn’t look dirty before but you’d be surprised how much better it looks now, I also got my hair cut. I feel all nice and fresh ready for the summer now, all we need now is for the sun to come back. The photo above is my nice new sofa which arrived this week, it’s so comfy. Our living room now looks a lot smaller with two of these sofas in it, after being pretty much empty for a month. I hope my american friends are having a good 4th July weekend. Here are some links for your weekend:

This Always ad asks what it means to do something “like a girl”

Erica writes about how she grew her blog slowly and why you might want to too “The beautiful thing about growing slowly is that you gain friends, not numbers. Connections, not stats.”

These are seriously awesome, new photorealistic illustrations of everyday objects by Marcello Barenghi.

I’ve been looking a lot into hand drawn typography and really want get back to working on the Skillshare class by Mary Kate McDevitt, who has been such an inspiration to me.

We have the smallest patch of grass outside our front door, it’s not technically a garden (1m x 2m approx) but has potential to look pretty. I was browsing online for “tiny gardens” and came across the idea of a Fairy Garden, apparently it’s a big thing and super cute.

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Things I Love

Photo taken by Adam Holdway

The last few weeks have mostly meant figuring out a new routine in our new house, it takes a while, I know, however it has affected my blog writing and creative time dramatically. I thought I’d attempt to get back into it all by listing three things I love this Thursday: 

This may sound a little cheesy but I love love and love seeing my friends in love. Being a bridesmaid for one of my best friends a couple of weekends ago was an absolute honour and it was a perfect wedding, spending so much time with my friends over the weekend was great! To be honest, it has taken me until now to take it all in and recover!

Our new home
It goes without saying, I love our new home! I walk around looking at everything smiling to myself thinking “we own this!” We’ve worked so hard for it so far and now the hard work starts in earnest to start paying the bills but I think it’s worth it.

Feeling better
I’ve briefly mentioned that I have had a couple of health problems recently, I’m sure I’ve complained about it all far too many times on twitter. Being diagnosed with two chronic illnesses within three months is tough to grasp and I’ve spent a lot of frustrating days figuring out what’s wrong with me, what I can do about it but also being relieved that I now have a few answers to feeling so rubbish all the time. I had a tough few weeks just recently but I think I’m getting to grips with it all, changing my diet and exercise has been the biggest thing and I’m so glad I feel better for it, let’s hope it continues.

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Weekend Reading #16


I’ve realised I take a lot of photos of the sky, we don’t get too much blue sky in this country and so I guess I just get excited every time we do! I hope the blue sky stays, the weather reports say it’s going to pour down with rain today, I hope it doesn’t ruin your weekend if it rains where you are! Here are some links for your weekend:

“Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. Just lie down.”
–Natalie Goldberg

I loved this quote on Janet’s blog, Field Journaling, “Nothing is that important. Just lie down.”

29 Signs you’re doing just fine (even if it doesn’t feel like it) 

These smart ways to work with images in InDesign have made me life so much easier!

A simple way to change your life in 3 minutes a day, I’ve found this harder than I thought so far but these are good things to think about.

I’m still trying to work out what this means for me, I’m always saying I’m busy!

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Tonight is for…


Tonight is for a small glass of wine, home cooked curry and catching up with Rob.

Tomorrow is for visiting the Natural History Museum, a girlie lunch and a catch up with a friend.

Sunday is for a lazy breakfast, getting a quote for a new front door, cleaning, visitors and hopefully getting round to some creative work.

What kind of mischief will you be up to this weekend?

I have just realised that I haven’t written on this blog for about THREE weeks, disgraceful! It’s no excuse but I’ve been extremely busy settling into my new house, being a bridesmaid, and well, just more settling into the house and a new routine. It’s exhausting!

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New Beginnings


Goodness, where has the time gone? And where have I been? Well, Rob and I have finally moved into our little home. I’m so so pleased and excited that we can now spend so much time together. It still feels a bit like going on holiday but with all our stuff, but I’m sure it’ll start feeling a lot more real soon. We still don’t have internet installed (or TV! Ahh!) and there has been no end of things to do so updating this blog has been almost impossible. But I hope to be back to normal proceedings once we settle down a little.

Around here, things have been a little crazy:

I’ve had way too many doctors and hospital appointments (I’m ok, I just have a fast heart rate and two newly diagnosed chronic illnesses and so the doctors are checking it out and keeping a close eye on me).

Work has been so so busy, which is great and a little stressful at times.

We have been buying all the things to equip our little house ready to live in.

I have been packing up all of my belongings and saying goodbye to a little house that I didn’t spend too much time in but have so many good memories to take with me.

I have celebrated the upcoming nuptials of one of my best friends at her Hen Party. We celebrated with Pina Colada in tea cups and very pretty very yummy cupcakes. (So this is what grown ups do when they say they’re “popping round for a cuppa”)


I have packed some more boxes!

We have then been unpacking and putting away all our things, figuring out where things should belong is a lot harder than it sounds!

We have been sitting on deck chairs and dining at the coffee table whilst sitting on the floor, it’s all good fun!


We had a washing machine delivered and the delivery guys bought a dishwasher all the way up our stairs for me to point out that we were expecting a washing machine…oops!

So, a lot going on, and not a lot of room for writing or creating things to share. It is all very exciting though (apart from the doctors appointments, I suppose!) and I’m excited about the future for my friends, and for Rob and myself.

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Glass half full or half empty?


Are you a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person?

It depends on which way you look at it, if the glass was empty and is being filled up, the glass is half full. And if it was full and is being emptied, it is half empty. In both cases, there is potential for the glass to be full.

There is a metaphor in there somewhere and maybe it says something about me, I don’t know.

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