August 2015


The word I’d use to describe August is exciting. Things are all coming together and I seem to be out of the woods of July. It has been a month filled with making plans. We did a lot of organising for the wedding; I finished designing the Save the Dates and am slowly but surely getting them distributed, we went suit shopping, spoke to a few florists and had ‘address book meetings’ with various members of family to make sure we had everyone’s addresses up to date. We also organised Rob’s 30th birthday which is coming up quickly and I’m really looking forward to it.

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans”

We had two weddings that we were invited to this year, both within ten days of each other. They were both lovely. The second one we went to, I was a Bridesmaid and absolutely loved being a bridesmaid and being involved in my best friend’s day. The Bride and Groom were so happy and it was just a perfect day.

I’m not sure what I thought about before being engaged, more or less every thought is about the wedding. I have a tendency to obsess about some decisions, we’re only going to do this once so it has to be perfect, but what I’ve learned recently is to not stress about the small things. I wrote myself a motto, right at the beginning of this process, which said “nothing fancy, just love” and that’s just it.

We have a few big birthdays to celebrate in September and some very busy weekends coming up. I’m looking forward to September and all it brings.

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Fresh New Look

As you can probably tell, I haven’t been too enthusiastic about blogging as of late. I love that I have this space to do what I want with but it just wasn’t happening. So, I wrote down my thoughts about it all after about a month of soul searching:

I don’t have too much time to write huge blog posts
This is a big problem for me when it comes to blogging. I get into the habit of writing notes when I’m on the train, I try to take photos when I can, I draw in the evenings but when it comes to putting it all together in coherent blog posts. I’m already onto writing the next thing or onto the next project.

I want to easily share my work
I’ve mentioned quite a few times before that I want to share more work here but never really do it! I want to be able to finish something, take a photo, post it! That’s it!

Sometimes I have a few small thoughts, sometimes I want to talk for England!
Instead of having a schedule, I just want to post what I want, when I want. I wasn’t really a rebellious teenager, I think it might be coming out now. This is my space so I should be able to do that. I need to stop worrying that it’s not to a schedule and just get on with actually posting!

So, I’ve decided to do just that, posting when I want and what I want (obviously, within reason) I’m calling this style “on the go blogging”

I think that “on-the-go” blogging will tell the story better than leaving a project until the end and then moving onto something else and forgetting to document it.

And listen up, this is the biggy. It doesn’t need to have images! I would usually find a generic image to go with a post that didn’t really add anything and probably takes away from the post more than adding to it. This probably breaks all the rules of blogging but I hope that the images that I do use, will add value to what I’m writing rather than being there for fun.

I spent most of yesterday evening going through about 5 different new designs for this blog. I wanted a grid-style layout, so that you could see all the most recent posts at a glance. None of the themes quite worked the way I wanted them to and I knew that not all the posts would be image based. I then found this simple minimal theme this morning. It feels like a blank canvas that I can build on.

I hope to create something to be proud of, I hope that you enjoy what’s coming next too. I hope this is a nice new start for the blog, I’m excited!

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July 2015


Wow we’re already in August! July was a good month. I still can’t get over the speed of this year.

The first half of July, I was in a bit of a blur. I questioned everything about myself. Then towards the middle of July, I made some goals and I feel like I have a bit more direction now. I’m drawing more and wondering what I want to do with the blog, so I must be back to normality. I’m hoping that I can open up my Etsy shop sometime in the not so distant future as well, so I must be doing ok.

We went to Go Ape and I celebrated 10,000 of being alive. We celebrated my Sister’s birthday with a shopping trip in London and bought my Mum’s “Mother of the Bride” outfit, which was exciting! I went to my best friends’ Hen Do, which was full of excitement, laughter, games and stories for years to come. I also went for the first fitting of my Wedding dress and loved it more than I remember!

I promised I would write about small positive things that have happened during the week and that hasn’t happened. I’m considering changing the way I blog, hopefully more on that soon.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day…

…but what a difference a day makes.

This is a bit of a rambling post covering just about everything that has been on my mind recently, it’s mostly related!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I love Time. I talk about it, think about it, worry that there’s not enough of it, I comment on the days between things, I count down, I count up, I even LOVE it when I spot the clock at 3:33 or 11:11, you may think I’m obsessed.


On the 5th July was my 10,000 day birthday, I had been on this earth for exactly 10,000 days! I wanted to celebrate in some way, I wanted to make a cake and write some things about the last 10,000 days. It just so happened that it was the day we’d planned to go to Go Ape for my sister’s birthday! I was terrified but did it! I didn’t make a cake and I didn’t get chance to sit down and write, the whole day was spent either being terrified or quality time with family, which is what it’s all about!

You’ve seen me mention a quarter life crisis and I can say from experience that it is real! According to my extensive google search, a quarter life crisis can happen in your 20s-early 30s. It is usually around the time that you’ve moved out, left education and are in the first few years of work. It’s when you realise “this is it now, I’m a grown up” there are chores to be done, bills to pay, and one has to stay alive (ie. Feed yourself!) it all sounds so basic, I felt like I was struggling with the idea but I can do this stuff, it’s silly to feel worried!

For me, it all started with a twitchy eye lid, this usually means one of three things. I was either stressed, not sleeping enough or not eating properly. At the time, it could have been all three! I didn’t feel happy, I felt over the moon happy that Rob and I owned our own home, that Rob and I were together and planning our wedding, things were amazing really but there was something deep down that I didn’t feel so happy about, and it took me a while to realise what it was.

I realised that actually, this had been going on for a while. I felt useless because I spend so much time out of the house working and commuting. I didn’t have the time or energy to cook dinner or wash up when I got home, all I’d do is watch TV and wouldn’t be any use to anyone. That was the main problem but I started to think that there was something wrong with me, was I just useless? Had I missed something that everyone else seems to be able to do quite easily? I started to doubt myself as a person, I started to doubt my lifestyle and started to doubt my ability as a designer due to things happening at work. It was all very horrible and confusing.

I had in my mind that my 10,000 day birthday was coming up and wondered how I’d feel when that day came around. I was half looking forward to it, because it was a mini celebration, and half dreading it because we were going to Go Ape. I’d been to Go Ape twice before and was too scared to join in! But it was booked, I was doing it whether I liked it or not and actually it was great fun! I feel like I really conquered some fears that day! I felt so proud of myself. Even if I didn’t do the big Tarzan swing that drops you about 5 feet before you feel it take your weight, I’m glad I didn’t do that bit in fact!


Slowly but surely things started to fall into place. I started to appreciate where I am now and what I’m doing right now. I slowly felt incredibly thankful for everything I’ve got. This didn’t happen over night of course and it didn’t happen without trying incredibly hard to change my perspective on life. I now feel inspired to work on personal projects, I’m excited about planning our wedding after a little break, I’m also determined not to slip back into just watching TV of an evening and live a life!

Everyday I feel a little bit closer to “figuring it out” and finding my purpose. I know that no-one really has it all figured out but I felt like I knew nothing and now I’m inspired to learn! I can’t just let life pass me by and feel unhappy about it in the meantime.

One thing I’ve found really useful is thinking about the positive things, and feeling thankful for what I have. It was a year ago that I wrote 3 positive things that had happened on Facebook everyday for a week, they could be tiny or huge things. Sometimes the small positive things are all it takes to lift up a day. So, I want to do something similar here on the blog, maybe weekly. This is also a little bit inspired by Lorna‘s “Reasons to smile” posts every Sunday, I enjoy reading the posts and want to join in.

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June 2015


Wow! So that was June! I probably say this every time but this time I really mean it: June actually flew by! I’m glad about that to be honest because it has been difficult in so many ways.

In saying that, things are definitely on the up I think or at least moving in the right direction.

I started designing our Wedding stationery, I know it is probably really early but I just wanted to get started. I started some other wedding related crafts and stressed about the wedding colour scheme irrationally for a while. We finally decided on a Bridesmaid dress for my sister to wear, I love the dress so much, I want one for myself in every colour. I then stressed again about the colour scheme because this dress wasn’t anything like what I imagined but in a way, it’s better and I feel like it was meant to be!

After finding “the dress” finally, I’ve decided to take a complete break from Wedding planning for a while. The irrational stressing was, well, irrational and unnecessary. I can go back to wedding planning at any time with a fresh mind.

I also had what I think was a bit of a quarter life crisis throughout June, hence the delay in posting this. It is a real thing (I googled it!) and it is horrible! I really hope that I’m coming to the end of it!

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Preparing for the week ahead, haven’t really kept up with the whole #100DaysProject but have been drawing and have done a lot of sewing this weekend. I’m always busy but not always focused!

In an effort to share more of my work on this blog, I’m going to try and post more of my drawings that I usually just post on Instagram here. via Instagram

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May 2015


As I sat down to write this, I thought to myself “what did I actually do in May?” I’m not sure if it has just whizzed by in a flash and I’ve missed it or I’ve just been really lazy and haven’t done too much.

Rob and I took the first week of May as holiday, using the bank holiday it meant that we only had to use up 4 days (win!). We spent time at home getting things done and relaxing, we watched how to train your dragon (great film which neither of us had seen before!) we ordered our wedding rings. We went for afternoon tea to celebrate a year to go until our wedding (eeeek!), I made a chocolate sponge and we ate it with custard. We drank lots of tea and I did a bit of work on the blog and my website. I hope you approve of the changes around here, it does all look quite big on a desktop screen but I prefer the minimal look. We also watched Monsters University and had our sisters round for takeaway, it was lovely to see them all and catch up.

We also went for a lovely walk with church to “beat the bounds” it was an 11 mile walk around the boundaries of the parish. We’d decided the night before that we wouldn’t join them on the walk but then changed our minds at church that morning as it was such a sunny day. We weren’t prepared for the mud in the woods however so only walked for part of it. I’m glad that we did because my sister had made cakes and I really loved spending the afternoon with my Mum and Sister.

I went to London with Harriet to visit the fabric shops of Goldhawk Road and to go to the Kensington Dollhouse Fayre. We talked a lot about work and weddings, and I made plans for what I’ll focus on and look forward to after the wedding. I was really impressed by the fabric shops and wanted to buy EVERYTHING at the Dollhouse Fayre, it’s just a shame that I don’t own a dollhouse! Not yet anyway!

We had a really lucky day the next day, it all started when I was singing a song in the shower and then switched on the radio and that exact song started playing, I thought “how spooky?” It is quite a popular song at the moment and ALWAYS on the radio but what are the chances of me singing it then it coming on? I mentioned that I should play the lottery that day! Then Rob drove us into town to pick up our wedding rings, I mentioned someone in passing and as soon as I mentioned him, we saw him walking at the side of the road, so spooky! Then as soon as we had parked, we spotted my Mum and Sister, what are the chances? None of us knew that the other would be there! We collected our wedding rings, went for hot chocolate, Rob went home to help a friend and my Sister, Mum and I popped into some of the shops just to look at the dresses and ended up finding a bridesmaid dress and a mother of bride’s outfit! A very lucky day and I couldn’t believe it!

Other things that have happened this month are, I bought some fabric and a zip to practice a surprise project for the wedding. I sewed in my first zip and it worked! I started designing Invitations. I know that I still have a long while before sending them out but as a Graphic Designer and this being my job, I feel a lot of pressure to get them right, I don’t have an awful lot of spare time so I think it’s good to get designing now. I also bought some wedding shoes.

So, actually, a lot has happened this month! It doesn’t feel like I’ve done that much. We’re definitely making good progress with the wedding plans without really thinking about it! I have been procrastinating with other things though. I hope that in June, I can get to work!

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Bruges Travel Journal

We went on two holidays last year, Bruges in Belgium for Rob’s birthday and a big family holiday to Orlando in Florida and on a Carribean cruise (the biggest holiday I’ve ever been on and the furthest I’ve ever travelled).




I wanted to document both holidays and used Bruges as a kind of practice run, documenting wise, we were only in Bruges for a few days so it’d be significantly different to the Florida holiday, however it was a good thing to do and there were some things I learned from it.



Before I went:
– I put aside a small notebook, that I had bought on a whim a while ago, that would be my Bruges notebook (I’ve almost got through all of these kinds of notebooks now, woo!)
– I cut out a small square of card, which was about 5cm x 7.5 cm, this would be the template for my photos.
– I got together a pencil case (I made sure I had pritt stick, small pair of scissors, pens, colouring pencils, all the regular pencil case stuff!)

I wanted to keep it quite simple and light, we were making the whole journey without a car, so walking to the train station with our suitcases, train, then eurostar and another train then we walked from the train station in Bruges to our hotel (and learned from that mistake, it was a long way over cobbles with suitcases, not so fun!) I also wanted to be able to do some of the documenting whilst we were there, we didn’t have much time in Bruges so I managed to do some of it whilst there, but I did a large amount once we were home.



Whilst we were there:
– I enjoyed myself
– I took lots of photos
– I collected everything I possibly could, from maps, to business cards, receipts and train tickets. Anything paper based went in my hand bag for later, by the end of the break, I had a small pile of bits and pieces to stick in.
– I didn’t take my journal out with me when we were doing things around Bruges. I would have loved to sit and draw or sit and write but this wasn’t the time for that. I’m a firm believer in making the most of your time in a place and making the most of your time with eachother, so kept the actual documenting for when we were in our hotel room, a few minutes before going out to dinner or a few minutes when having a little break.
– I drew around the piece of card that I mentioned to leave space for photos



Once we were home:
– I printed out photos to stick in
– stuck in the remaining ephemera that I’d collected
– finished off any writing that I’d missed

A little tip:
Sometimes with short breaks like this, it can be more difficult to remember what order things happened in and on which day you did a certain thing. To combat this, I tend to take a lot of photos and when I forget what happened at a certain time or on a certain day, I look at the time and date that the photo was taken and it helps me remember and keep everything in chronological order.



It doesn’t look quite how I imagined it to look and it’s not exactly a thing of beauty. I don’t think the small size helps with that as it’s quite restrictive but it was fine for the amount of time that we were actually there for. I’m glad I documented this trip though and I’m also glad that I had chance to practice before our big holiday a month later.



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One year to go!


It is now a year until our wedding and I still can’t believe that it is happening. I was talking to my Mum a couple of days ago about something really boring and said “we’ll do that after the wedding” and realised how real this whole thing is. Today, Rob and I celebrated a year to go, by having afternoon tea at our reception venue, the sun came out and afternoon tea was so yummy.

A lot of the first few months of being engaged have felt like a dream, like we’re just playing a game in the playground and it’s not real. The game will end soon and it’ll be back to real life. I felt the same when we first bought our house and when I first started work. When we were building furniture and paying bills, or going to meetings, it all felt like I was a child going along with the big game. I’m sure there’s some sort of psychology in there somewhere! When I realised it wasn’t a game, I panicked a little at the cost of it all but I’m sure it’ll all be fine!

We would like to keep a lot of our wedding details a secret until the day. Firstly, because it’ll be a nice surprise for our guests on the day if they don’t know what will be happening. Secondly, because I started talking about things with friends and colleagues at the very start and after hearing their opinions, I started to doubt myself and overthink things. It wasn’t very healthy. This day will be all about Rob, me and our future so all decisions are being made between us two with a little help from family members.

That being said, I’m bursting at the seams to document the whole process and very much want to talk about everything wedding on the blog. This is because I’ve found a lot of wedding blogs very helpful for inspiration but some of them are not so good when it comes to real life decisions and advice! So that is it, I’m going to start documenting and schedule posts for more than a year in the future, it’s certainly a different way of blogging!

As of now, we have pencilled in the date at church and pencilled in the reception at a local hotel. We are waiting for the reception venue to get planning permission for a new building where the wedding reception will be held, they should get that planning permission very soon. This part is making me quite nervous but they have a back-up marquee if not all goes to plan and we have plenty of time, so it will be ok! I have ordered my dress and it is currently being custom made, only my Mum and sister know what the dress looks like and I have just 2 very secret photos on my laptop of me wearing it (which is infuriating, just two photos!). We have ordered our rings. I have found a dress for my sister to wear as head bridesmaid, it is currently out of stock and I hope it will come back into stock very soon. We have decided on our first dance song, which is a big big secret and the playlist is currently 2 hours and 20 minutes long. If you can dance to it, it’s on the list! I have planned and bought supplies for the guest book. Most of the other things are all planned out in our minds, we’re just waiting on the reception venue and then it’ll be go go go!

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April 2015


Wow, the words I’d use to describe April are full and exciting!

It all started off in Holy Week and being confirmed. Easter Weekend was full of seeing family, friends and going to church.

I was so thankful for the support of my family and friends at my Confirmation, it was such a positive experience for me and lovely to see them there. I was even a little sad that it was all over, I know that it is only the beginning though.

The four day working week that followed felt so long because I was really excited for going wedding dress shopping!

And then the day came and I woke up so early, like it was Christmas! My Mum, Sister and I set off for a little town that none of us had been to before to go to a specific shop where I’d booked an appointment. I picked out about 5/6 dresses and a lady took them through to a room with nice chairs, a huge mirror and a curtained section for changing behind. My Mum and sister took their seats and I started trying on dresses. The first one was dreadful, the second one was lovely but not quite right, the third one was a definite no, the fourth was absolutely perfect, the fifth confirmed that I’d gone for the right dress and the sixth confirmed that I’d chosen well but confirmed the colouration! I want to keep my dress an absolute secret for everyone but my Mum and sister, so I don’t want to give anything away. I put the perfect dress back on and spent some time in it, dancing, sitting, walking, I even practiced walking down the aisle! I absolutely loved it! We decided to order it and finalised some of the final details and I left the shop with a huge grin on my face and a few pennies lighter! We then visited a local cafe afterwards for a celebratory hot chocolate and toasties.

I started the 100 Day Project on April 6th and have found that my days get filled with work then travelling then eating and sleeping, so have failed to do a drawing everyday. I am however still going, I’m very behind and will do 100. Promise!

There have been some other smaller exciting things this month: Rob’s sister stayed with us for a week and we practiced being hotel managers, (she promised to give the “R&S guesthouse” a glowing TripAdvisor rating, if it existed of course!) we made a last minute visit to Harriet and Henry’s for fish and chips (on a school night!). We joined Rob’s sisters for a BBQ. Katie stayed for a weekend and we drank hot chocolate, watched girly movies, shared a bottle of wine and caught up on life. The sun came out and it was really warm for a day or two, so I ate lunch on the roof at work (“on the roof” is another way of saying “in the roof garden that is above our office”)  before the days went back to being freezing cold again. I wrote an article for the church magazine, which has been well received. Then lastly but not least, I ordered and decided on a Bridesmaid dress!

I’m sure there are many other things that happened throughout April, it was very packed full and I loved it. I hope that May will be a little less full and I manage to focus on some posts for this blog and other creative work as I have neglected it a little.

I hope you have a lovely May and all it brings. For those in the UK, I hope you have a very good long weekend.

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March 2015


What a difference daylight makes?

March hasn’t been too warm but it has definitely been lighter and I’m so so thankful for that. I feel like I’m a strong person who wouldn’t get affected by something as silly as light but my goodness, it affected me this winter! Hooray for daffodils, snow drops and croctuses all blooming and looking lovely as the first signs of spring.

A few other happy things happened this month.

We visited our friends Harriet and Henry’s new home, they haven’t been living there long but I was so impressed by how much they’ve achieved there so far. It has inspired me to put more photos up and plant plants outside and get some indoor plants, too.

I booked a wedding dress shopping appointment for next month and I’m so excited!

Rob and I finally decided on our first dance song for our wedding and I was so relieved. We have been together since I was 16, he was 18 so our song has changed a few times, and so have our tastes. I to’d and fro’d between all five or so songs for a while trying to decide what I felt comfortable with and every single song didn’t feel like us, it was either too popular, too soppy, a song from one to the other rather than to each other, too cheesy (yes, there is such thing as too cheesy in my book!) or just not right. Finally, I found a song, the words were perfect but it still wasn’t quite right, I played it to Rob and he loved it but it wasn’t sung quite right, so I searched the title on Spotify and found a few covers of that song, played them all to Rob and together we decided on the perfect one. We then made a resolution not to talk to anyone about the song and not to play it, I didn’t want to get sick of it and I didn’t want anyone to change my mind again. So that’s that.

My friend Kate and I went to surprise our other friend, Holly as a surprise. We travelled all the way to Wales and the look on her face when we arrived was absolutely priceless! I won’t forget that moment for a long long time, we stayed for just under 24 hours and it was perfect! I hardly took any photos all day but this one sums up the weekend perfectly, it was on the wall in a cafe where we had afternoon tea. We chatted and chatted and chatted and that’s what it’s all about.


I have been attending confirmation classes, so that I can be confirmed at church. I have learned a lot about Christianity and about myself during these classes. It feels like a really positive experience. We have been attending church regularly so that we can get married there but I have always seen myself as a Christian, I’ve just never had the chance to be confirmed. It feels like the right time to do it. After some really tough years, it feels like a new start.

Rob and I went to see Paloma Faith at the O2. I absolutely loved every second. I am a little obsessed I think, I just really enjoy dancing away to her music and I find her really funny and down to earth.

We also planted some plants in a pot in our little patch of grass front garden. We planted little daffodils, tulips and some purple daisies. There is only one large pot at the moment but I hope to add to it over time to create a nice mix of different shapes and sizes with different plants. There is something magic about seeing plants growing and flowering. I also bought some plants for indoors, I love plants!

Kate and Holly came to stay with us. I hardly see them, then see them twice in one month and I’ve loved it! They thought Rob and I were very good Hotel Managers and we chatted some more, I gave them a little tour of the area and then went out for dinner which was lovely. The weekend went far too quickly!

So many things are happening and I’m so glad. I’m glad the sun is now out and although it’s still cold, I feel more inspired and less grumpy. Happy April.

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The thing about Endometriosis


Poster borrowed from Endometriosis UK, to learn more about Endometriosis week, see here. 

In my journey with Endometriosis, I’ve come across some really inspiring people who have written about their journeys and have helped me so much. It’s nice to know you’re not alone. March is Endometriosis Awareness month and I was diagnosed during Endometriosis week in 2014. In fact, I watched a feature about Endometriosis on This Morning whilst sitting in the hospital waiting room on the morning of my laparoscopy.

Without me going into too much detail and this sounding like a medical post, find out more about Endometriosis here.

One of the reasons why I’ve been putting off writing this is because firstly, Doctors would say that my Endometriosis “wasn’t that bad.” I had a diagnostic operation (a laparoscopy) in March 2014 to find out what was causing me so much pain every month and they found two spots of Endometriosis, which did not justify the amount of pain that I had been in. I was glad to have a diagnosis but the year that has followed has been a year of trial and error trying to get back to normal, figure out what normal was and making lots of trips to the Doctors.

The second reason why I have been putting off writing this post, is because I don’t think my Endometriosis is that bad! It’s not too significant so why do I think I have enough to say about it? I might not even have it any more so what right do I have to talk about it? I’m not like the other girls who also write about Endometriosis, so what makes me feel like my story needs to be heard. Well, these are all the reasons why I should be writing about it.

Not every girl who has Endometriosis is in excrutiating pain every single day, some girls are and I really can’t imagine what they must go through, some girls don’t even realise they have Endometriosis because they have little to pain at all.

So this is me, from the age of 11, I would have excrutiating pain for 7-10 days every month before my operation at the age of 26. I would also have problems with my digestion (again, I’m trying not to gross you out here so won’t go into detail!). I had an pelvic ultrasound scan when I was 15, which showed up nothing so I believed that I was probably just feeling normal pains and being really dramatic. But still, some nights I’d wake up in such pain that I’d be sick, I’d feel like I would pass out on my way to work and would sit in pain for days on end. I started to think this definitely wasn’t normal and so insisted I was referred to a specialist. In the end, I couldn’t wait to have the operation, to find out what was causing it all and hopefully make me feel better.

The pain got a lot worse immediately after my operation whilst I was still healing but then my Doctor suggested I go on the contraceptive pill and my symptoms started to settle down a little. I also tried to make healthier changes in my diet and tried to exercise as much as I could to help my symptoms, I knew that these changes wouldn’t stop the Endometriosis coming back, if they were to come back. The symptoms were no where near as bad as they were before the operation but still quite painful, I also felt very lethargic all the time, sometimes like I would faint. I feel like it didn’t matter what I did, I’d still be suffering in one way or another. Every time I would speak to my Doctor, she wasn’t very sympathetic, I wouldn’t explain myself very well due to lack of confidence and I felt like I was going round in circles.

The pill then started to not to agree with me. It didn’t matter how much I looked after my diet, how much I exercised and how truly happy I was, I felt so down and had such horrible mood swings. The last straw was when I spent the second evening in a row laying on the sofa, not wanting to talk, not wanting to watch anything, not wanting to sleep, not wanting a hug and not wanting to move. It was the worst and something needed to change.

The next morning, I called the doctors to make an appointment. I started to look forward to this Doctors appointment and actually started to feel a little better because I knew what had to be done. I decided to come off of the contraceptive pill. I discussed it with a new Doctor and we agreed that even though all Endometriosis advice leads to having some sort of synthetic hormones pumped into your body, this isn’t suitable for some Women. I needed to figure out what was normal for me and move on from there. And that is where I’m at at the moment.

I feel so much happier now, no more dreadful evenings on the sofa! And I’m slowly but surely getting on top of my symptoms. I’ve learned when to take pain relief so that it gets to work before the pain sets in. I practice yoga regularly, I eat less bread and sugar and eat (a lot) more fibre.

The biggest thing that I have learned in all of this, is how to listen to my body. It is always trying to tell you something, especially when you’re in pain. A lot of the time, my body is telling me to slow down and to stop trying to do too much! I’m not sure if I have endometriosis anymore and I’m not sure if it’ll come back or get worse but I know that if/when it does, I’ll be ready for it, if I listen to what my body is telling me.

I’m not a medical professional and I’m only writing from my experience. Feel free to ask me any questions and if you think you might have endometriosis, don’t think it’ll go away, don’t think “ooh it’s not that bad, it’s fine” (like I thought for a long time until it got much worse) go to see a Doctor to get it checked out.

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