About Me

Hello, my name is Sian Louise (you can call me Sian) and welcome to my little bit of the internet. I am a designer, blogger, crafter, paper fanatic and wannabe illustrator.

The blog
I started this blog as a University project on 03 November 2008 to document my research and design work from my degree (you can see those posts way back in the archives, please don’t look at them, they’re embarrassing!) and since then, this space has evolved and grown with me. I write about all the things that I love.

I love
I love to hand draw type, write, take photos, practice yoga, go for long walks, make goals, create scrapbooks and make stuff. I also love listening to cheesy music, watching animated films, dancing like no one is watching, reading, going to the theatre, visiting cool places and exploring the world! I have a slight (ok, major) obsession with paper products and pens. I have a weakness for Tea, Lattes and Chocolate (who doesn’t?)

I believe
These are my words to live by:
Love a lot
Do good work
Choose Happiness

I am
An ISFJ (the protector) personality type, an Aquarius, a winter baby, a wannabe superhero, a daughter, sister, cousin, granddaughter, friend, niece and girlfriend.

What I do
I am currently a Graphic Designer working in London and apart from this blog, I have a few other side projects, I design greeting cards for fun and sell them over on my Etsy shop, I can’t wait to extend this to other products!

Behind the name
The name “Shines” comes from one of my many nicknames. I worked with a Polish chef years ago who couldn’t say my name so called me “sunshine,” which I loved and it evolved from there. Secondly, I want this blog to make you smile, I hope! I’ve changed the name a few times now (sorry about that!) but this one feels more comfortable. I hope it’ll stick around for a long time.

I do so hope you enjoy your stay here on my blog, if you have any suggestions of anything you’d like to see more of or any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me: hello [at] sianlouise [dot] co [dot] uk

(Please excuse my excessive and possibly inappropriate use of brackets, I can’t help it!)

Email: hello [at] sianlouise [dot] co [dot] uk
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