Book Design


Below is a selection of pages from a book I created for my final project at University. It started as a game of consequences held on Facebook, to see how content could be developed online. I then put it into a concertina book to allow the reader to scroll through the book as they would a web page then a space to finish or carry on the story.

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Where have you been today?

Below is a selection of pages from a book I worked on in my third year of University. All of the photos in the book are taken from Flickr, from the Project 365* group and are all based on location. I looked into the fact that when you take a photo and upload it to the internet, it is easy for someone to find out where you were and when exactly. The photos I chose were from one particular month ordered in the separate days and specifically chosen so that they could be put together visually with a photo that I had already chosen.

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